If looks alone could kill.

I was immediately drawn to this lioness. She is one of the most beautiful lionesses I have ever seen, so I felt it should be the critical component of the image, with no need to include anything else. Cloudless mornings can often be a challenge, but it played a role in the success of this image as it allows for a strong instant connection.

She is the loyal female to arguably, the most famous lion in the world, Scar. Scar is thought to have lived for more than 15 years and be the oldest lion in the Maasai Mara. Over his years, he and his brothers have dominated two prides in the reserve, including the most famous of all, the Marsh Pride, which featured in BBC films. He has also survived a spear wound from a Maasai Warrior and received his defining facial injury while expanding his territories in 2011.

It is only fitting for such a powerful lion to have a lioness in her prime by his side. It is as if Scar's story has become most interesting towards the end of his life. Scar, although severely injured, continues to be protected by his entire pride from menacing hyenas and other intruding male lions. As well as being protected, he is the first to eat even though he is unable to hunt himself. It was surreal to spend time with a limping lion that commanded such respect from all around him. It is nothing but remarkable in the world of lions that he has been cared for in such a way which is a testament to what an incredible individual he is.

I captured the frame using a remote camera which poses complications with wild lions. I have found they either pay the camera no attention or decide they want it for themselves. Unfortunately, it is more often than not the latter that results in the best images. For this reason, I use a customised protective box and make my attempts early in the morning when lions are most active. Then, it's just a matter of time before they get bored, and I can retrieve the camera to see what was captured. On this occasion, it was a success.
Unframed Sizes:
Small -18"x24.50"             Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Medium - 28"x38.11"        Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Classic - 38"x51.73"          Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Large  - 48"x65.34"           Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Platinum Palladium print available in a custom size up to 40"x60" as an edition of 1.
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