James discovered his passion for wildlife conservation in Africa before getting behind the lens. Giving back is an integral aspect of his work, with 20% of each sale directing feeding back to animals you see within the frames.
James believes art can bring substantial financial benefit to vital causes across the World whilst helping to promote a more sustainable future for wildlife and humankind. 
Having minimal impact on the planet is of equal importance to James. Each expedition is Carbon Neutral by purchasing carbon credits with a community-owned carbon project (verified by VCS & CCBS) located between two ecosystems in Southern Kenya that he works in regularly. The project is securing a critical habitat that forms a corridor connecting the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystems and benefits over 70,000 local livelihoods. 
James is also a member of 'Prints for Wildlife' which has raised $2.1m for African Parks since 2020.
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