James Lewin is an internationally acclaimed photographic artist based in Kenya. He has built a reputation for creating timeless masterpieces that bring a unique perspective into the lives of some of the world's most iconic inhabitants. 
Entirely self-taught, Lewin picked up a camera after working with anti-poaching and research units on the front line of conservation in Kenya. Soon after, he abandoned a real estate career in London to pursue his passion for wildlife with his camera in hand. Lewin has since received more than 25 international awards for his evocative work.
Lewin has spent nearly a decade exploring remote areas of Africa, following his subjects for weeks, waiting patiently for extraordinary compositions that will likely never reoccur. All his photographs are of wild animals in their natural habitats, with multiple artworks captured within a few feet of his subjects using customised vehicles or on foot. The captivating levels of intimacy, emotion and drama allow the viewer to experience his subjects' magnificence and unique characters. His artistic approach aims to engage people and inspire new appreciation and respect towards the natural world.
Lewin's work has raised substantial figures for conservation projects across Africa, which has helped safeguard wildlife corridors, protect Africa's last "Big Tuskers" and critically endangered black rhino, and, more recently, multi-media campaigns to promote coexistence. Since 2023, he has partnered with Wild Africa Fund, with 20% of proceeds directly supporting their projects across Africa. 
Realising the ever-growing need to tread lightly on our fragile planet, Lewin supports community-focused carbon projects in Africa to ensure his adventures are carbon-neutral whilst ensuring indigenous forests and habitats are restored. 
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Contact Details:
Direct Contact -                            james@jameslewinphotography.co.uk 
The Drang Gallery -                     natara@thedranggallery.com
Lyons Gallery -                             darryn@thelyonsgallery.com
Trimper Gallery -                          info@trimpergallery.com 
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