It has been a dream to pair one of the world's most celebrated mountains with one of Africa's most iconic elephants for several years. I have lost count of the times I have had a clear mountain but no tusker or vice versa. After nearly 100 days in Amboseli, my dream finally came true.
Moments where every element and layer falls into place at the ideal time can be few and far between, but there is no better feeling than when it does. The three spur-winged geese bring an extra layer of energy and emotion to the image, which I could have never foreseen, whilst also filling an otherwise void of space. 
This image highlights a couple of key things for me. Very little would be different in this photograph, whether it was taken today or 100 years ago. However, years ago, the snow on Kilimanjaro would have stretched down to the cloudline, highlighting our need to take drastic measures to improve the health of our planet. On the other hand, this image brings me great hope. The elephant, known as "TJ", is only 34 years old and has one of Africa's most impressive sets of ivory. They are, in fact, more prominent than Tim's were at this age. TJ will indeed become one of the most immense elephants to walk the plains of East Africa in modern history. Considering all the challenges elephants have faced, I find it inspiring that mammoth-like elephants still exist today. Special mention must be given to Big Life Foundation for this image because, without their work, TJ's tusks would most likely have been cut into small pieces in the Far East by now.
There are a few occurrences where I look at an image and wouldn't change or do something differently if given the chance. But there is almost nothing I would change about this image. I love how the top of TJ's head and ears appear similar to the shape of the mountain above and how the texture and folds of his skin echo on the mountain. It provides the perfect connection between these two icons of Africa. 
I sincerely hope to remake the portrait in 15 years when TJ could be the most impressive tusker in Africa.
Unframed Sizes:
Small -18"x24.50"             Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Medium - 28"x38.11"        Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Classic - 38"x51.73"          Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Large  - 48"x65.34"           Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Platinum Palladium print available in a custom size up to 40"x60" as an edition of 1.
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