Amboseli is one of my favourite places to photograph elephants. The largely barren landscape lends itself to my photography style because it is like painting on a blank canvas. In these wide-open empty spaces, it is possible to create powerful imagery where the attention remains on the subject.
Other than visiting Amboseli several times to track down some of Africa’s last remaining Big Tuskers. I have been fascinated by the unique movement of elephant herds in this area. In the dry season, sparse food and water sources result in elephants travelling great distances. Outside the National Park are areas of vast bushland with ideal vegetation for elephants, but there is almost no water at all. Within the park is a permanent freshwater source, so the elephants must migrate between food and water. To me, encountering a large herd, almost silently marching across the dry lakebed, is as magnificent as witnessing wildebeest and zebra herds crossing the Mara River during the migration.
The billowing dust and dramatic skies set the scene perfectly for this family's endless and enduring journey. Taken at 09:22 am, the herd were not far from reaching the swamps, but they would most likely not spend the night within the park as they must make the return journey to browse for food. After one or two days, the herd will repeat the same journey back to the water.
Unframed Sizes:
Small -18"x41.20"              Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Medium - 28"x64.10"         Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Classic - 34"x77.83"           Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Large  - 44"x100.73"          Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Platinum Palladium print available in a custom size up to 40"x60" as an edition of 1.
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