Tracking down the almost mythical African Black Leopard was, to put it simply, a dream come true. A couple of years ago, a hidden secret in the wilderness of Kenya was uncovered using high-tech camera traps. There are now several known black leopards in Laikipia lurking around in the darkness of the night, and it has been my dream to catch a glimpse of one ever since the first sighting was recorded.
I find it exhilarating to know that even in this modern day and age, there are still unknown treasures hidden away in the wild, waiting to be discovered.
When I set out to find Giza, I only hoped to catch a glimpse and nothing more. I knew she was rarely seen in daylight, which would obstruct my photography style. She is also known to move between three different conservancies, and I only had access to one.
Nothing could have prepared me for when I first laid eyes on her. My eyes sprung out much like they did when I encountered my first Tusker Elephant. I couldn't take my eyes off her as I shook with excitement. I could barely hold my camera still as I watched her in the torchlight, slinking through the darkness like a shadow.
On my second last morning, my luck only improved. I spent a few fleeting moments with her only minutes after sunrise before she disappeared across the river and out of reach.
I want to mention special thanks to my outstanding guide Stephen who has tracked Giza since birth and has spent more time with her than anybody else. Without him, I wouldn't have had a chance.
Unframed Sizes:
Small -18"x27.86"             Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Medium - 28"x43.34"        Edition of 8. (Archival Pigment Print)
Classic - 38"x58.82"          Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Large  - 48"x74.30"           Edition of 6. (Silver Gelatin Print)
Platinum Palladium print available in a custom size up to 40"x60" as an edition of 1.
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