James found his passion for wildlife conservation in Africa before picking up his camera, and so giving back is an integral part of his photography. James and his galleries are working together to promote positive change by directly giving back 20% of each sale to benefit the very animals within the frames.
James hopes that other artists and galleries will follow this model to ensure Art can bring substantial financial benefits to vital causes across the world while helping to promote a more sustainable and better future for humans and wildlife alike.
Having minimal impact on the planet is of equal importance to James. Each adventure is Carbon Neutral by purchasing carbon credits with a community-owned carbon project (verified by VCS & CCBS) located between two ecosystems in Southern Kenya that he works in regularly. The project is securing a critical habitat that forms a vital corridor connecting the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem and benefits over 70,000 local livelihoods. 
Since 2018, James has partnered with or benefitted the following organisations through his photography. Going forward, James hopes to extend this list by continuing to use his photography as a tool to raise vital funds for conservation efforts across Africa.
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