James Lewin is a British Fine Art Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist with a focus on African Wildlife as it was in Kenya, where he found his passion for photography.
James is a self-taught photographer with his Fine Art Style developing over time as he continues to attempt to present African Wildlife in an immersive and striking approach to inspire and connect people with the magnificent yet disappearing wildlife of East Africa.
James produces limited edition fine art prints in black and white and uses them as a tool to raise vital funds for conservation work in Africa. James prefers working with wide-angle lenses from unique perspectives unknown to any living person to create a detachment from reality while making the viewer feel as if they are right beside the animals within the frame. This technique allows for intimate images with minimal distractions and clean backdrops, allowing the subject to be illuminated and connected with the viewer. James has always found cloudy skies a critical element for creating drama within a scene, which is further accentuated in black and white from a low angle. Black and white also helps create a timeless feel about James’ images, as one associate's black and white photography with history, as if the subjects within the frame are no more. A perfect example of this is the big tusker elephants with their enormous tusks, similar to those of a mammoth from thousands of years ago. Most people do not know of their existence. By portraying them in black and white, it makes them appear even more prehistoric than they are while showing people how incredible it is, that they have survived to exist in this day age and how critical their need for protection is. 
James has held fundraisers and talks on conservation as well as donating prints to charity auctions. He has also been recognised in several International Photography Awards, including the Monochrome Awards and Outdoor Photographer of the Year. 
James donates proportions of his profits to conservation organisations to ensure the protection of the animals he has photographed and spent time with, specifically the Big Tusker Elephants that he has got to know so well and who has become his greatest passion.
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Direct Contact -                             james@jameslewinphotography.co.uk 
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